Hello. I met your wonderful family at the Edmonton Pet Expo, while I was there volunteering for NASAP. I had not fed my dogs raw before and was very new to then concept. There were several other vendors at the Expo who were selling raw, but none of them seemed very convincing to me of the benefits of feeding my dogs raw food. But when I stopped at your both, where your whole family was involved, and you all, (even the kids) spent time explaing the raw diet to me I was convinced to give it a try. What set your company apart from the others there was that it was not presented as a “company”, but as a family who believed very enthusiastically in their product and the pride you took in making it the best was evident. Your whole family made me feel like I had known you forever, like you were the neighbours down the road and we had stopped for coffee. Thank you.

My dog Ilka, is a 6 yr old female Rotti, that weighs in at 120lbs. She is definitely “over insulated”. Since she was born, she has had a number of health issues. There were originally 13 puppies in her litter. She was #11. 2 of the puppies died within days of birth and another 2 had passed away by the time they were 3, due to health complications. Ilka has had the ligaments in her knee reconstructed when she was only a year. A few months later she was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia in one hip and moderate dysplasia in the other. A year after that, she became incontinent and had to be placed on hormones that she will take for the rest of her life. Despite all this Ilka is a happy and comical Rotti, always needing to be the center of attention (when she isn’t napping by the fire). In the last few months, she has taken to not eating for a few days at a time. Anyone who has owned a Rotti knows that they live for meal time.

I started Ilka on Nature’s Premium Elk just after the Pet Expo. She loved it!!! I love the changes I have seen in her. Ilka has not missed a meal. She doesn’t have the stinky dog breath anymore. The other dogs are happy for this. From her ill health, Ilka, developed a very sensitive stomach. As a result she passed a lot of gas and could easily clear the house of its residents. This has stopped. We are all happy about this. Ilka has managed to lose some weight. Her coat looks shiny again. Most importantly she has not had any trouble with her hips. I had her at NASAP on the weekend and she was able to run and play with the other dogs without limping or being three legged the next day. Now I just need to work on her endurance, which now may be possible, since her hips seem not to bother her as much. Before, she could barely walk around the block.

I don’t know if there are enough words to express my appreciation to your family for introducing me to your product. Ilka also sends big sloppy Rotti kisses!!! I have attached a picture of Ilka.

Thanks again.

Teresa Voth and Ilka