Nature’s Premium is a family owned and operated business that started in 2003. We raise our animals for pet food and breeding stock as well for our own consumption on our farm.  We take pride in our farm, and with that comes the passion for animals. The pet food world has been aggressively changing for the better; people are becoming more aware of healthier alternatives for their pets.  A fulfilled and vigorous life for your pet is what every owner wants, and a raw diet is one of the major stepping stones in achieving this.

Many of today’s common problems are addressed when an animal is fed a raw diet.  Starting a young dog or cat on raw food instead of waiting until they need to get their health back as an adult is the answer. It’s all about being proactive, instead of reactive!   If you want the best, that’s what our farm and family will continue to produce and that’s what we can bring to the table!

Remember, any time a change takes place, results may occur right away or results may take some time to see.  Disease and degeneration do not happen quickly so when you are trying to improve a condition, it takes time to see the effects.

We would like to welcome all those who are new to our site and thank you to those who have supported us over the years. We will continue providing you with a top quality line of food, bones and supplements for your canine and feline!