What is the calorie count in your meat?

Are the elk you use safe and tested for CWD(Chronic Wasting Disease)?

Yes they are!  All farmed elk in Alberta are tested.  It is a manditory program and we are proud to say we are a very safe meat!  There have been over 50,000 animals tested in Alberta and only 1 was every found back in 2002.    

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Should cats eat raw meat?

Cats are carnivores and eating raw food is totally natural for them.  Remember that we humans domesticated cats for our benefit and changed their diet to make it convenient for us.

Does eating raw food make my animal aggressive?

This is commonly asked and is a myth.  They will really enjoy their food and may be very eager when eating but that is a sign of a happy and content friend.

How does the Elk Velvet Antler get removed from the animal?

The bull elk grow velvet antler every year of their life, as it is a renewable resource.   Each year velvet antler is harvested from farmed bull elk by certified producers. The bull elk do not need to be harvested as the antler removal process is approved by the Alberta Veterinarians.  All animal handling is done humanely.