I’ve just transitioned my cat to raw food and was having a difficult time with her-she’s a total princess and was hating all of it. I was in Chow Bella in Okotoks and the lady said she had a similar problem and gave me samples of your food-Llama and Beef.  I had tried Beef from another brand-the ones that have some veggies in them and she would not eat it.  She LOVES your food.  I have stocked up now and she’s happier and truly a less bitchy cat-thank you!  I think the Elk antler is fantastic as well-love the old fashioned approach.  I also really appreciate being able to support a local Alberta business.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Jo Kelly and Kobi

Jo Kelly and Kobi

“…we have so many customers who have stated outright that the Nature’s Premium line of raw food has not only saved their pet, it is also ensuring a thriving, healthy lifestyle…”

Bone & Biscuit – Magrath Store Owner Kris

Hey Bidulock’s!  Erin Chrapko here.  Just wanted to send you a quick message and picture.  April 17th my husky turned 6 and I wanted to do something special for him.  I went to Bone and Biscuit in Ellerslie to see what I could find.  Picked up a package of beef “meatballs” and an elk bone for the birthday boy and headed home.  As I was making an arrgangement for Thor’s “meatball” cake I looked at the label on the bag and said “hey, I know these guys!”

I just wanted to send you a picture of the cake, say hi and thanks for making Thor a very happy boy on his bday!

Attachment Size
s_BDay_Erin_Chrapko.jpg 111.9 KB
Thor's Birthday
Thor’s Birthday

OKAY! Here is a picture of Duke, my 3 year old Bullmastiff/Rottweiler, who has hip dysplasia. He is so much more comfortable since he’s been on your EVA powder. It broke my heart when I would walk him just to the end of the street and back and he would whine and whimper for days. Now, I can walk him to the store or we go for occasional playdates (I just give him a little extra powder after). I’m also attaching a picture of all three of our dogs, Dempsey (Rescue, 7 years), Gus (Pound Puppy, 5 years) and Duke (Adopted from a friend who ‘didn’t have the time’).


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heather-duke-gus.jpg 128 KB
heather_tucker_2.jpg 86.58 KB
Heather Tucker
Heather, Duke, Dempsey and Gus

Hi 🙂

I am Maya, an Airedale Terrier and I love your bones!  As you can see since mom bought me more of your Elk bones I am so happy!  They keep me busy for hours, longer then any other bone or treat I have tried over the past two years.  I also tried your Elk ribs and she bought me some of your meatballs to try too!  My mouth is drooling just thinking of the next time I will get to chew on one.(hopefully mom will give me one once she is done typing this email).

I just wanted to send a quick note to say we got the Elk bones we were after at our Fort McMurray store.  I was so impressed with your level of service and follow up to make sure we could purchase your products.

You have made me a customer for life!

Ryan, Jen and Maya!

Maya, Ryan and Jen

Our cats eat high quality kibble for breakfast and raw for dinner, and have done so for most of their lives. I researched and researched available cat foods and feel that the least processed and closest to their ‘in the wild’ diet is best, just like humans.

As far as raw goes, I feed our cats a variety of proteins and they certainly let me know which ones are their favourites. Natures Premium Elk has been a long time favourite and they have recently informed me that they LOVE llama too. They also adore the Elk Velvet Antler powder and will eat ANYTHING with EVA powder on it.

Our almost 3 year old cat (the white one) has terrible teeth and I believe this to be genetic, as her father has quite bad teeth as well. I was recommended to continue on the raw for this problem, as the carbs in kibble were likely to sit in her teeth (like humans) and further contribute to her bad teeth. This makes sense to me, and gives me one very good reason to consider going 100% raw.

I have had a wonderful experience with the company, in answering any questions or concerns. I feel Dawn genuinely cares for her customers and the well being of the pets that are eating Natures Premium.

Thx, Jen

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jenscats3.jpg 298.87 KB
Jen and Her Cats
Jen and Her Cats


My mini daschund, Whatley, absolutely loves your antler chews.  He’s been chewing them regularly for about 1.5 years now.   I’m including a picture of him (as you can see, he’s enjoying the Island as much as your chews).

In Spirit,





Visit:  divinesource.ca

Whatley and Deborah

Samson is a 4 month old Mini Shepherd/Collie Mix (before him, I’d never heard of a mini shepherd…but I digress) We got him when he was 9 weeks old, on our way home from picking him up in Sherwood Park we stopped at Tail Blazers to pick up a few things for him on the way home. The clerk recommended the antler chews because they tend not to bog down their digestion like some of the other stuff on the market, so we bought him one. He’s been working on the same antler chew since we brought him home, he LOVES it (particularly the way it skitters across the kitchen floor)

For a puppy, he’s what I would term a power chewer, he has an extreme kong that he’s already chewed almost to the point of needing to be discarded, but his antler chew is still going strong, the only times that he’s not been chewing on it is when he’s lodged it under the fridge or freezer. But out of everything he has, this is his favorite…when he’s in the mood to play he takes it to the kitchen and skitters it around, when he’s in a more quiet mood he settles down and curls up to do some chewing. We were advised against giving him soft chew toys (liked stuffed animals…to a lot of dogs a stuffed animal feels pretty much the same as the stuffed end of a couch…or pillow…or child’s beloved stuffie…so I’m told, and listening to, since I have 3 little guys with “beloved stuffies”)

We now have a mini dachshund who is 7 weeks old and 2.5 lbs. Today she got her first antler chew and she took to it like a duck to water!! She’s so small that she has to kind of drag it with her, but goes where she does!! She LOVES it!! I’ve attached pics for you, maybe we’ll see Gypsy on your website!!!! The main reason for this letter is to again offer you our thanks for a wonderful product!!

Thank You 🙂

Samson, Gypsy & The McDermott’s

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IMG_0477.JPG 39.43 KB
IMG_0478.JPG 39.75 KB
IMG_0555.JPG 29.01 KB
IMG_0558.JPG 32 KB
Samson, Gypsy and the McDermott’s

Natures Premium food and treats are one of my cats favorite food. My kitty, Angel just loves the Elk meatballs and treats. For myself, I feel very confident in the quality of the food. When the meatball is at room temperature, it is red and rich in value. Honestly, the ground meat we buy for ourselves is not as lean as these meatballs!

Lisa Makowski

Lisa and Angel

I have two cats. One that is 12 years old with arthritis and constipation problems, and one that is 8 years old with colitis. After changing the diet to include Nature’s Premium Elk meat with the Elk Velvet Antler, both cats have greatly improved health. It’s like a miracle!! The older cat now has no constipation problems and her limp is almost gone. And the other cat, his colitis appears to be gone. There is no symptoms of colitis at all. It’s almost hard to believe: if I had not seen it with my own eyes it would be hard to believe. It’s like a miracle!! I highly recommend Nature’s Premium Elk meat with Elk Velvet Antler.

S. Smith
Edmonton, Alberta

S. Smith and 2 Cats