Samson is a 4 month old Mini Shepherd/Collie Mix (before him, I’d never heard of a mini shepherd…but I digress) We got him when he was 9 weeks old, on our way home from picking him up in Sherwood Park we stopped at Tail Blazers to pick up a few things for him on the way home. The clerk recommended the antler chews because they tend not to bog down their digestion like some of the other stuff on the market, so we bought him one. He’s been working on the same antler chew since we brought him home, he LOVES it (particularly the way it skitters across the kitchen floor)

For a puppy, he’s what I would term a power chewer, he has an extreme kong that he’s already chewed almost to the point of needing to be discarded, but his antler chew is still going strong, the only times that he’s not been chewing on it is when he’s lodged it under the fridge or freezer. But out of everything he has, this is his favorite…when he’s in the mood to play he takes it to the kitchen and skitters it around, when he’s in a more quiet mood he settles down and curls up to do some chewing. We were advised against giving him soft chew toys (liked stuffed animals…to a lot of dogs a stuffed animal feels pretty much the same as the stuffed end of a couch…or pillow…or child’s beloved stuffie…so I’m told, and listening to, since I have 3 little guys with “beloved stuffies”)

We now have a mini dachshund who is 7 weeks old and 2.5 lbs. Today she got her first antler chew and she took to it like a duck to water!! She’s so small that she has to kind of drag it with her, but goes where she does!! She LOVES it!! I’ve attached pics for you, maybe we’ll see Gypsy on your website!!!! The main reason for this letter is to again offer you our thanks for a wonderful product!!

Thank You 🙂

Samson, Gypsy & The McDermott’s

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