Our cats eat high quality kibble for breakfast and raw for dinner, and have done so for most of their lives. I researched and researched available cat foods and feel that the least processed and closest to their ‘in the wild’ diet is best, just like humans.

As far as raw goes, I feed our cats a variety of proteins and they certainly let me know which ones are their favourites. Natures Premium Elk has been a long time favourite and they have recently informed me that they LOVE llama too. They also adore the Elk Velvet Antler powder and will eat ANYTHING with EVA powder on it.

Our almost 3 year old cat (the white one) has terrible teeth and I believe this to be genetic, as her father has quite bad teeth as well. I was recommended to continue on the raw for this problem, as the carbs in kibble were likely to sit in her teeth (like humans) and further contribute to her bad teeth. This makes sense to me, and gives me one very good reason to consider going 100% raw.

I have had a wonderful experience with the company, in answering any questions or concerns. I feel Dawn genuinely cares for her customers and the well being of the pets that are eating Natures Premium.

Thx, Jen

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